You can have it all!

You can have it all!!  What is “ALL”?  I saw a magazine cover saying you can have it all, the right jeans, the right hair, and the right make up. If that is having it  “ALL” then I think we are in a sad place.

Sure, I want my hair and make up to look good and I love a pair of jeans that fits right but I want more of life than that. So that leads me to asking myself, what is “ALL?”

Yes, I want to have a home over my head, a happy marriage, and good health, plenty of friends, laughter, healthy children and good times. Yes, I long to have pretty decorations, nice clothes and fun trips. We all do; I am human but is it all that stuff that allows me to have it “All?” 

We so often get caught up in the day-to-day grind of material things and the worldly things. We can so easily forget the beauty in a sunset, the joy of watching a baby play at the park, or the smell of the air after it rains.

I am sitting in my car typing this as my son and his friend try out for a college closer to home. There is a river next to the parking lot and the sound of the water rushing by is like a symphony when you add the chirping birds and the sound of the bats hitting the balls on the baseball and softball fields. Sometimes it is things like this we take for granted when we are so busy running the race of life and trying to have it “ALL”

Besides the beauty of the world around me and, the simple pleasures of, a walk in the park or, the sound of a river rushing by that I sometimes forget:  having it “All” for me it is having a father in heaven who loves me for just who I am. It is having the love and forgiveness of Christ. Having it all means knowing that I will have eternal life in heaven and until that day comes I know that God will never forsake me as I live my day to day life. That to me is having it “ALL”

What does it mean to you to have it “ALL”?

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