Many people argue that Jesus is not the son of God. They call him a visionary, a great man, a prophet, a moral teacher.  Some argue that not only is Jesus not the son of God but, that there is NO God period.  Now I am not going to argue with people about the bible and about what is true or not true.  I am just writing this to ask a question.  What if you were wrong?

In other words, what if the "story" of Christ on the cross were true but you choose not to believe it?
What if the crown of thorns was real and not just folklore?  What if the nail pierced hands that Thomas saw were the real deal?  What if you could really have eternal life in heaven but you choose not to except it? What happens if you choose not to believe any of that is true?

What if you lived your life believing how ever you choose to and the time came for you to leave this life as you know it?   What happens if you are wrong and everything about Christ was true?
                                                  Then what?

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