His word is never changing. (HAPPY EASTER)

The other day I had the funniest conversation with my Dad.  I had left a text message early that morning with my bonus mom to tell her that I was listening to piano music (something I have given my dad a hard time about for years) I told her I was loving it and might need to barrow some of my Dad's Cd's so I could burn them. Side note: I like the sound of bonus mom much better than stepmom.

Shortly after that I got a phone call from my dad.  He was happy to hear I had developed what he thought was a good taste in music and he was laughing about how old he felt.  When my bonus mom told him I wanted to barrow his Cd's so I could burn them, he said to her, “why would I let her have them if she is going to destroy them?"   My bonus-mom had to explain to him that, to burn the Cd's means to copy them not set them on fire.

My dad and I laughed so hard and I told him I was finding myself feeling old not understanding my kids at times.  My son is famous for using the words "SICK" and "DISGUSTING".  The last time I checked, sick meant not feeling good, to be ill and disgusting meant something was really gross.  Wrong, now if something is "SICK" or "DISGUSTING” it is cool, great, and awesome.  I also laughed with him about the text they abbreviations I don't always get and that my kids laugh at me for not getting what they mean.

After I hung up the phone I felt in my heart the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit asking me what words are the same today as they have always been, what words never change?  It hit me that the words that are true, never changing and are living and breathing today just as they were some 2000 years ago. I am talking about the words of the bible.  The words of the bible are the true words that we can ALWAYS count on.   In our highs and lows of life they speak to us, they are the truth; they show the light and the glory of God.  They are full of life lessons that apply to all of us and will always stand the test of time.  They show us the love of the one and only true God who would give up his on the cross to save us ALL from our sins.  Christ took that time on the cross; he took the pain and gave his life for the sins of the past, the sins of today and every sin that is yet to come.

That truth will never change! We are told us we are to never, add or change the words in the bible (it stays the same unlike the dictionary that is continually updated as words and their meanings change).  My pastor sent me this, it the commentary from the English standard version; Rev. 22:18–21 Prohibition of Altering the Book, Promise that Jesus Is Coming Soon, and Final Pronouncement of Blessing. I warn is the same verb as testifies in v. 20. Jesus bears witness that no mere human may add to or take away from God's words without incurring the plagues described in this book and forfeiting its blessings. Moses had warned against adding to or subtracting from the Lord's commands (Deut. 4:2; 12:32).  The words of the bible have been given to everyone, the truth is the truth and it never changes and that is a clear warning that we are not to change it.

Today is Easter Sunday and we celebrate the love of Christ who gave his life so we could have eternal life and freedom form our sins.  The bible tells us the TRUTH about the pain and agony Christ took as he was flogged repeatedly his flesh was torn open and I am sick to my stomach as I think about the brutal torture he took for all of our sins.  A crown of thorns was put on his head causing more of his blood to spell as the thorns stabbed into him.  He was forced to carry his own cross as his body continued to bleed from the torture he was given.  (Can you imagine being beaten in such away and then be asked to carry your own coffin to where you to where you were than going to face a slow and painful death?)

Once at the final resting place Jesus was nailed to the cross and hung to die.  He was nailed to that cross for my sins, your sins, and the sins of the whole world.  Every time we gossip, cheat, steal, speak badly of someone, lie, or do any number of sins we continue to drive the nails in further and further to our Lord and Savior.  As I type this I find myself repenting for a sin this morning where I made fun of someone. I am sick when I think about how my stupid sin caused him to endure such pain.  (My sin is off the topic about the word being true and never changing but God put it on my heart and I had to repent from it)

The truth of Christ is written in several books of the bible and the prophecy of this death can be found back in the Old Testament.  The truth doesn't end there however; it ends with his resurrection and the freedom that was given to all of us that day on the cross.  The words of Jesus are spoken to give us hope. Right up to his death the words of Jesus are recorded for us.  Luke 23:34 Jesus said, "Father forgive them, for they do not know what the are doing"

Today we celebrate that our Lord and Savior has risen and that he'll come again someday.  Like Christmas, Easter is a day that many people are drawn to church.  It is a day that many people pick up their bible and dust it off.  God wants more of us than just Christmas and Easter.  He longs to be in a daily relationship with us and to see us in his word on a regular basis so we can draw closer to him.

I pray that you will desire to pick up the bible on a daily basis, that you'll want to dive in and read the truth that is recorded it in.  With the continual changes in our world it is the one thing that is never changing.  THE BIBLE IS FULL OF HOPE, STRENGTH AND CAN ALWAYS BE COUNTED ON!   It is much easier to understand than the changing words of today.  The bible is the living and breathing words of God given freely for all of us. It is the greatest book ever written so what is stopping you? Pick it up and start reading it today.

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