Don't forget to empty the trash!!

Once a week my husband rolls the garbage can to the end of the driveway to be picked up by the garbage men.  Some weeks we have so much garbage that my husband can be seen climbing up on top of the garbage and jumping to smash it down so we can get one more load of trash into the can.

Why is it so easy to let go of that kind of trash and yet the personal trash in our lives we choose to hang on to.  In a sense we fight to push it down into ourselves like my husband stomps our trash down in the can.  By pushing down our trash, I am talking about our past sins that we can't let go off, we can never really be free and clean from our sin.

My pastor talked last night in church about how when we repent from our sins Jesus forgets about them.  I guess he puts them in the garbage and puts a lid on it.  So why can't we do the same?  We often repent and than we take it back.  I know I wouldn't want to dig through my garbage can to pick some gross garbage out so I can stick in the back of my closet and yet it is so easy for us to go and dig our sins back out and hang onto them.

I love knowing that Jesus never holds our trash over our heads.  He won't bring up our sin to cause us shame.  Jesus knows how to take out the trash if we would just let him.  If you have been carrying around a sin let it go.  Stop hanging on to the trash and press into Jesus.  Hang on to him and not the lies and trash that satin loves to pile on us.  There is freedom in Jesus you just need to get on your knees and give it up your sin.    He paid the price so it is free for us to dump our trash and any day can be garbage day. He is waiting to dump your trash so what is stopping you?


Long Lasting Graphic Design said...

Awesome!!! What a great reminder of the message yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Great Kim!