God is like an all you can eat buffet

Every once in a while, my dad likes to take us all to the local buffet for an all you can eat dinner. He loves it because the grandkids can get what ever they want, it is fast and everyone leaves full. 

The hot out of the oven rolls are my favorite along with a little mashed potato and gravy and I have blown my calorie intake for the whole week.   We laugh about wearing our buffet pants so we can get our moneys worth.  (For those of you that don’t know what buffet pants are, they are sweats or loose fitting pants, to help avoid having to undo your pants on the ride home after we have over eaten at the buffet)  Oh, did I forget to mention the yummy sweets to wrap up the meal with.  I often think I’ll need to run a half marathon to burn those extra calories off but it is always a fun family time so it is worth it.  

Sitting in Church I got the picture of God being much like a buffet, just like we step up to the lay out of all kinds of food with a empty plate, we can step up to God and fell our souls with exactly what we need.  The best thing about his buffet is that it is free!!  One day we may need a serving of Grace, with a double helping of forgiveness.  The next time we might need Strength, peace, and comfort.  

Just think of all the wonderful things that we can help ourselves to when we step up to the Buffet of the Lord.  You can pick from, Joy, wisdom, understanding, compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness, comfort, strength, peace, gentleness, patience, clarity, rest, grace, and healing just to name a few of the wonderful things he offers.

There is no limit on the serving sizes you can take.  You can come as often as you need!  There is no guilt when you serve up at his buffet, there is no shame and you always feel satisfied. 

Psalm 34:8 says, 
Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!  Don’t you think it is time to step to the buffet and start loading up your plate with what you need? There is never a line and it is always open.  

What are you waiting for, go and get your fill!!


Colbi Neal said...

love you & this : )

Lori Bradeen said...

Love it