God has got my girl in his hands!

Yesterday we told our daughter goodbye and watched her leave on a mission trip with her school.  Off they went to Nicaragua and for a moment the parents stood in the parking lot.  I heard two of the mom’s say this was practice for us, as we get ready to send them off to college this fall.  Than one of them said yes but at least with that we can call or text them whenever we want. 

Today I find myself drawn to the Facebook page waiting for her teacher to post that they made it safely to the place they will be staying.  I know I am not the only one looking.  My best friend is also checking the site because her beautiful girl also went on the mission.  As I sent the last text to her before she got on the last flight early this morning I found myself in tears.  She is my baby, yes she is a senior but still she is my little girl and this seemed like it would be the hardest 10 days of my life.

As I cried my husband took my hand and we prayed.  I cried and asked God to use her, protect her and grow her.  As I prayed I began to feel peace.  My husband than closed with the most beautiful prayer and my heart felt at ease.  As the day has gone I am filled with the love of the Lord and his son Jesus Christ.  I know that a God who loves us all so much that he would give his only son for us has only the best for each of them on this trip.  Today I am thankful that my girl is in his hands and I look forward to seeing what amazing things she experiences this next week.   I am really letting go and fully trusting in God.  I know that God is good and I trust him with all my heart and all my soul. 

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