Please pass the Oreos

This may be one of my strangest analogies yet. 

I was recently talking to someone about why I think being in the word is so very important.  This person is a believer however they are never in the word and they told me they know very little about the word.   I was trying to explain that I see God’s word as my guide.  It is living and breathing and I can always find answers to what I am seeking in it. I find strength in it also. 

As the days went on after that conversation I began to get the picture of an Oreo cookie.  Yep, I told you one of my strangest analogies yet.   As I thought about it the idea of the cookie became more and more clear to me.  The outer layers of the cookie can be looked at like this: One cookie is our prayer and the other cookie is our time in church.  Both are good on their own but the problem is they cannot be held together without the filling.  That yummy filling is to be enjoyed by all who choose to bite into an Oreo.   God’s word is the same.  It is meant for all to enjoy, not just the Pastors, Priests, or church leaders but all of us.   

When we say our prayers and go to church but don’t spend time in the word we are missing out on an important part of what God has for us.  Yes I like the cookie part of the Oreo but I wouldn’t want to eat it if was missing the filling.   I want it all and I want all that God has to offer.  You should want that also. 

This midlife domestic goddess thinks that you should take it one step further and add ask the Holy Spirit to fill you also.   Think of the Holy Spirit as the milk that you dunk your cookie in!!  I say taste and see the goodness of the Lord.  I am going to need to get an Oreo cookie soon.  I seem to be craving one all of a sudden.   I hope you will open your bible and dig into it.  Take all God has to offer you not just part of it.  To have knowledge in the word is a powerful thing when it comes to walking out the day-to-day struggles we are all faced with.  Get out your bible and dig in.  You won’t regret it. 

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