Beautiful Strangers

I am always starting up conversations with people when I am out. It is something my son teases me about but, I have learned over the last 40 plus years of my life that if we keep to ourselves we can miss out on some of the most amazing blessings.

The other day I was in the christian book store in my hometown.  While in line I met the most amazing lady. She told me she was buying a necklace for a friend.  I was humbled when she shared with me the story of her friend who was going to give her kidney to a total stranger on Friday the 24th.   I was stunned to hear this.  I would give my kidney to my children, a family member or a friend but the idea of giving my kidney to a total stranger (while I am still alive) blew my mind.  It was one of the most selfless acts I had ever heard of.  As this amazing women shared this story, she reached in and pulled out from under the collar of her shirt a necklace that was given to her several years ago. It was from a total stranger to whom she had donated one of her kidneys.  She lit up as she told me that person who was once a stranger was now her friend.  

Are you getting this?  They gave organs to total strangers. Not because they were organ donors on their drivers license but because they felt led to do it while they were alive.  Both of them choose to give a gift of life. I am overwhelmed with the love of these women and have not been able to stop thinking of them or praying for them.  

God gave me a glimpse into the lives of two amazing and godly women.  It is a look into a miracle.   I am not going to share their names because I want to protect their privacy.  I can however share an update on how she is doing from her surgery today:

 She is out of surgery and doing good.  The recipient is is also doing well.  
Please pray for fast recovery for both of them, that the body of the recipient 
will not reject the kidney and that the donor will not experience any problems in the future
as a result of donating her organ. 

I am humbled to be able to share such and amazing story with you and I hope you will continue to lift both of these ladies and the recipients up in prayer.   As I get updates I will keep you all posted.  

Life is short and God is sweet.  This midlife domestic goddess is full of heartfelt ramblings but this amazing story has rendered me almost speechless.  

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