Beautiful Strangers Update #2

As I shared in my first post about these amazing women, they both gave their kidneys to total strangers.  Thanks to them two people now have the gift of life.   If you are just reading about these ladies for the first time please go back to my first post to get the whole story.

I got an email today on the condition of both the donor and the recipient.  (I have been asked not to share their names but, God knows who I am asking you to pray for)  The beautiful donor got to go  home today and she got flowers along with a note from the recipient.   It said, "you are my little angel".  She still has no idea who her kidney went to and it could be sometime before she gets to know.     The transplant coordinator said that the recipient would also be getting to go home soon, that things are looking great and I have to say this is the first time I have ever been happy to say someone is "peeing up a storm".

Please continue to pray for healing and GIVE PRAISE FOR HOW THINGS ARE GOING!!  

God's blessings to you. 

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