Train wreck

As a new believer (11 years ago) I had fallen into a “train” of thought that began to derail me.  I had actually begun to question my salvation.   If you read my blog you know by now that this midlife domestic goddess is a “picture person” and in keeping in my normal fashion I have another analogy to get my point across.  God is like the “dispatcher” to our train (our life).   Any good dispatcher knows the layout of the tracks and what is coming down each section of tracks at all times.  Sometimes the dispatcher must send the train to a different track to keep it from hitting another train or to keep it from going the wrong direction.   It is the dispatcher who sees the whole picture and stay's in communication via radio with the engineer.

Here I was a new Christian and I had allowed a lie of the enemy to take hold of me.  I thought for sure God did not believe the sincerity of my repentance.  I would sit and pray that He would believe I was sorry.  I had myself convinced I would not make it to heaven.  One day I was sitting alone in my living room in a bit of a panic about my salvation.  I was like a train heading down a hill, picking up speed with no breaks and, heading right into a bend in the tracks that was going to completely derail me.

God the “dispatcher” knew it was time to change the track I was heading down before I derailed.  Before I knew it I was reaching for my phone to call a friend who seemed to have it all together with the Lord.  She wasn’t home but, her son was and God was going to use him to be the voice of the dispatcher.   He asked me if I was okay and I found myself telling this high school boy that I was struggling.  I wanted to believe that I was saved but I just couldn’t stop feeling I was not believable to God.  

It would be in that moment that God would use the words of my friend’s son who was very strongly grounded in his faith to keep me from derailing.  He would be the voice coming in loud and clear via the telephone (much like the radio).  He spoke to me about the lies of the enemy and shared scripture to confirm that I was God’s child and that I was saved by faith and not by works.  It was as if God switched the tracks at the right moment and my train was no longer speeding down hill out of control.  My train was now climbing up out of the valley of that lie!! I had gone from white knuckling it, to letting go and believing the truth in a 5 min conversation with that young man.   

Over the years I have seen others in that same place. Some of them very grounded in the Lord and yet some how their head and heart have gotten out of alignment and a lie of the enemy takes holds and tries to derail them. God can see the bigger picture and he will guide us down the right tracks of life.  Therefore, we must be wise engineers and listen to the directions of God our dispatcher at all times.  

“Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.”  Psalm 25:4 & 5

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