I am a RICH in the Lord, I am ROYAL

Sad how focused we have become on the royal baby. Babies are a gift from God and ALL BABIES are special. Really the hype is over the top. Just heard a big deal made about the worth of the "royal baby" His great grandma is worth 650 million, his grandfather 370 million, his dad is "only" worth 20 million. Really? That is not where I think our real self worth is found. They are not taking any of that with them when they go.

We have a new baby being born in our church and her self worth is not set by how much money she is worth. She is a royal baby of the king of kings. No amount of money can buy that kind of richness!!

I am rich in the Lord. How about you? I am part of the royal priesthood of believers. How about you?

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