In the light of the Son/Sun

Jet lag seems to be running the show for me.  It was just before 4 when I woke up AGAIN.  I tossed and turned trying to go back to sleep but I soon realized it was a mute point and I pulled myself out of bed.  The coffee pot was my first stop.  As the coffee pot heated up I stood looking out my window and it hit me how I was so blessed to stand in total quite and watch the sun rise.  All of a sudden my view of the day ahead of me was taking on a new light. 

A sunrise, what a blessing!  I asked God to join me, to speak to my heart and I told him to have his way in me.  In a whisper I began to sing the words “Every breath that I take, every moment I am awake, Lord have your way in me” To the melody of that song I whispered my own words.  They were from my heart for God.

As I stood with my coffee in hand and watched the sun come up I began to see something.  I knew if I was patient and waited, I would learn something special from God.   As the sun began to rise I noticed the darkness of my yard take on a new light.  God had my undivided attention and he was going to show me something.  The sun seemed to be coming up so fast and I could not get over the details in the trees that I miss during the day.  It was beautiful and I wanted a picture so I left my post at the window only to make my way down the dark hall to my room in hopes of finding my phone with out tripping over something and waking my husband up.  With my phone in my hand and my heart open to whatever God had for me I returned to my spot at the window.  

I am not sure I can begin to paint a picture of what a saw because my words seem to be a feeble attempt to describe the beauty of a sunrise.    The sun was off in the distance so at first the horizon began to unfold in front of me and what looked like a black blob of nothing began to become different trees all different heights and shapes.   I could make out what in the distance much better than what was in my yard in front of me because the light of the sun had not reached my yard fully.  As time went by I took another picture from the same spot and I began to see that I could make out my driveway and other things in my yard better.  God was bringing into the light the world in front of me.   It was while trying to take the pictures I began to see the something special in what was unfolding in front of me.

With each moment the beauty of my yard was becoming more and more clear to me as the “SUN” shone it’s light upon it.  I noticed the beautiful pink and yellow flowers in my yard that a few minuets before where covered in the darkness.   They had been right in front of my face but I could not see them.   With out realizing it at first I was singing,  “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found was BLIND BUT NOW I SEE” I was drawn to the colors of my flowers that had been right there in front of me and yet I could not see their beauty in the darkness.   I raised my camera to take a picture of them and bingo the lesson from God hit me right in the eyes!  When I looked at the flowers with just my eyes I could see them clearly under the light of the sun.  What I was really seeing outside was lost on my camera in the darkness due to the cameras limited perception .  I tried to use my flash but that only reflected off the window and into my eyes.  I wanted so badly to get a picture but the stupid camera on my phone only hid them in the darkness.  I have to admit I must have looked a little strange as I stood in my window raising my camera up and than dropping it back down over and over to compare how different my surroundings looked depending on if I used my eyes and the light of the sun or the camera. 

Are you picking up what I am putting down?  God was using that moment alone with me to teach me something.  Today's lesson for me was…. are you looking at your life/your surroundings through the eyes of the “SON” (in this case the “SUN”) or are you only seeing your life/ your surroundings through the eyes of the “WORLD” (in this case the “camera”)

When I looked at my yard without my camera, with nothing but the sun’s light on it, I could see so much beauty, so much detail and I was blessed.  When I raised my camera to look at my yard it was like putting on blinders.  It became a skewed picture of what was really in front of me.  The beauty was hidden because it was darker looking through my camera. 

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now I am found was BLIND BUT NOW I SEE”.    I stood there in my window and let the words of that song hit me in a way they had never spoken to me before.    How easy it is for us to become blind to all God has for us.  We can so easily get caught up in what the world sees as good that we miss the whole picture.  We have to be careful that we do not fall into what the world sees as acceptable because when we do we are living in darkness.  The picture we will get will be much like the skewed picture of the sunrise over my yard I got today.  They beauty of my yard could not truly be seen with my camera.  To truly be seen it had to be looked at with nothing but the “SUN” shining on it.   

Here are the flowers that I could see as clear as the nose on my face when I looked out my window but in the picture I took of my yard they are hidden in the darkness.  I had to go outside and get up close to them to get them to show. 
(THERE WAS NO EDITING DONE.  It truly was bight enough out to get the second picture up close.  I think God was really getting his point across) It makes me wonder how much beauty we are missing look at things through the eyes of the world rather than in the light of the SON?

I still found beauty in the sunrise even when I got it on my camera but I am thankful for the lesson God gave me today.  Just like the song says… “I once was blind but now I see”.   When we truly see the light we are no longer blind.  The world longs to keep us in darkness but God wants us to see all there is and in his SON we can do just that.   Have a blessed day J

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