The problem is not the kids these days, IT IS THE ADULTS!!

Sunday we were headed home form a softball tournament and a young man in his 20’s gave my husband the finger and called me a name.  We have no idea what we did to deserve this and it would be so easy to say, “These kids today have no respect”.   However, before I could judge him I remembered what had happened earlier that day.  While at the tournament a man with a daughter the same age as my daughter stood behind outfield fence and yelled at my daughter as a ball was hit to her.  He said, "You have no skill, you won't catch that" along with a few other things.  Really, with examples like that on how to treat others it is obvious to me why kids act the way they do.

The next game the coach on the other team corrected his player but rather than build her up he was rude and told her to learn to play the game in the rudest voice.  My heart ached for that girl who was giving her best in the heat and who was on game 3 for the day.    The same coach would later inform another player the next time the situation that just took place on the field happens again to lay the other player out!  That “other player” happened to be my daughter.  The umpire walked very calmly over to the coach and told him there was not need to talk like that.   

In a matter of 2 hours my daughter was told she had no skill, and heard another coach tell his player to lay her out. (Both were adults, both fathers, both were setting examples to those around them)  We get angry how the youth of today act and I can't help but think it is a reflection of how we as adults act.  We need to look in the mirror at ourselves before we judge the younger generation.    We need to stop this "do as I say not as do mentality".    We are the roots of the problem.  Our children learn by example.  The examples I saw in a matter of hours break my heart as a mom.  Not sure why that young man was so mad at us that it would lead to his middle finger flying at my husband and the name he called me but, I would bet he was only doing what was shown to him as an example of how to treat others.  

My daughter caught that ball and made the out!! She turned to the man and pointed at her glove to show him she made the catch despite him yelling at her that she had no skill.  She than told my husband and I she was sorry if she was disrespectful to him to do that.  My daughter stood up for herself against the outright disrespect shown to her and was worried she may have disrespectful to the man who showed her no respect.  I rest my case the problem is not the youth of today.  The problem is the adults of today that have created this mess and we blame it on our kids. 

We need to remember who is watching us and we need to choose our words wisely.  No more do as I say and not as I do.  It needs to be do as I say and do as I do because I am teaching you respect for yourself and others. 

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