Fight!! Sometimes we don't need to turn the other cheek.

Okay this midlife domestic goddess wants nothing more to than to turn back the clock to how it used to be.  When men were allowed to be men and women wanted to be treated like ladies.  Sometimes I think we have pushed so hard for our rights as women that we have made it really hard for the men in our lives to be the men that God intended them to be.  Then when you factor in that somewhere along the line we as a country seem to have forgotten what morals are we find ourselves spiraling down hill as our families fall apart.  Athletes are worshipped like gods and as parents we are having our hands tied as our children are allowed access to things like the morning after pill.  Why do we just sit by and let it happen?  Maybe it is time to follow the lead of Jesus and start tipping a few tables over.  It is time we stop turning the other check and fight for what is worth fighting for. 

Today I am blessed to share with you something that was written by a young man from my church.  He has hit the nail on the head and if we had more people with a heart like this we wouldn't be where we are as country.  Powerful words by a YOUNG MAN WHO IS BECOMING A LEADER. 

Fight by Austin Rocha.

Twelve teams meet on that cold January grass with fire in their eyes.

Four months later sixteen teams walk onto that court in search of a championship.
Meanwhile, two men enter the cage under the bright stadium lights to win that belt.
This is must be a fight?
A fight the media reveres, fans line up to see, and sponsors are throwing all their money at.
Could this be a fight or just a zeal?
A flight from what's real.
Those aren't fights, those are jobs but the world won't admit it.
We treat them like heroes here to save us all, but they are no more than athletes.
Can't you see they're just like you and me?
You know what, just forget it.
Truth is, we're running from the true fights that surround us.
The fights our inner warrior was born for.
Our government is closing down schools to open more prisons.
Does this not bother you any more?
There are children starving, widows crying, can't you see our society is dying?
We are growing desensitized, it's time that we realized,
all our problems start and end in broken homes.
Single mothers can't do this alone.
Why do so many ignore the wars in our family that are starving for soldiers?
Wake up!
A court shouldn't have to protect your children.
That's your responsibility, your duty, your fight.
Too many take the easy way out instead of doing what's right.
Marriages are failing because evil is prevailing.
Our world crumbles around us, so you escape to the smoke screen we call TV?
Give me a break!
Few want to give anymore, but every one is ready to take.
Don't be the generation integrity dies with.
Be the resistance! Be the revival!
This is survival!
Darkness can only prevail when the light refuses to shine.
Arm yourself with virtue, with principle, and with honor.
This is our final stand.
Let us rise! Let us fight!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.''
- Edmund Burke

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