that makes sense....NOT!

Oh so let me get this straight. My daughter could not have her ear pierced or her nose pierced without my consent until she was 18? Or she can not get a tattoo until she was 18 either. We think our kids are not old enough to carry a gun and serve our country until they are 18. 

We say they are not old enough to have an alcoholic drink until the age of 21. I guess because that is the golden age we think they are old enough to make smart choices with what is actually a drug. But we are very comfortable allowing young children access to a drug that would allow them to have sex, take a life, and live with the emotional trauma of sex at a young age and what emotional trauma that comes with choosing to take a life. 

We are going to make this morning after pill available to them so that we as parents and society don't have to deal with the real problem which is that we are too lazy to teach our children to respect their hearts and their bodies and wait to have sex. It makes total sense to me. NOT!!!!

Our country needs God so badly!!

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